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Is there a Nice Restaurant on the Atherton Tablelands???  Heads up for Mothers Day

On the cusp of the beautiful world heritage listed Atherton Tablelands, only about 90 minutes west of Cairns, Queensland, Australia you will find the amazing Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa. It is situated in an area known by many as Chilverton, close to Evelyn and not far from the township of Ravenshoe.  This little piece of paradise has everything you need for a great holiday getaway.  Accommodation, Restaurant, Massage Treatment Rooms and oh yeah it is Pet-Friendly so do not forget to pack your dog.

Not just good for a holiday but also good for a day trip, we have it all here.  Jump in the car and head up the hill for about 12028 mts and that will bring you about 1006 mts above sea level. You will relish the naturally air-conditioned climate that we have here. No need for a breeze from the beach it is always at least 5-6% cooler than the coastal regions.  You will feel the difference even as you drive up any of the ranges, watch the temperature needle drop as you get closer to us.

Yes, we do have a restaurant on site, and it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We cater to all dietary needs and will cater to a menu that will be suitable for you.  We have two choices of menu, they are A Set Menu Plan or Choose from the Menu.   Bookings are essential so that you are sure to get seating.  We also meal plan so you will need to make your choices prior to arrival.  You can check out our menu on our website and if it takes your fancy just give us a call on 07 40976785 or email info@chilvertoncottages.com.au and we can secure a placement for you.  View our restaurant page here. 

There is also a 3-course pet menu so bring them along and if there are any dietary needs, we will also cater for that.  We find that many a pet, just like their humans do have intolerances and so we have devised a menu that takes this into consideration. This helps to keep your pet happy and healthy.  If you are wishing to have some tips to help put together your own pet menu at home just let us know while you are with us either staying or dining and we will be ever so happy to help.  This way your pet will feel they are on holiday every day. View our pet-friendly page here. 

Yes, we do have accommodation on site.  It is suitable for couples or singles and their dog or cat or even the bird.  We have a total of 6 accommodations and 5 of them are suitable for pets.  Each having an enclosed balcony or fenced area so that your pet is secure.  There are throw sheets, bedding, bowls and dog first aid kits supplied in each room so you can be assured that your pet will enjoy the comforts of this holiday as much as you will.  Not just a great life for a dog, we also accept pets of many shapes and sizes.  Just talk to us and we can confirm. View our accommodation.

Yes, we do have a day spa that contains treatment rooms.  We cater massage, reiki, meditation, hydrotherapy, rock massage, detoxifying massage, pregnancy massage, clay wraps, relaxation massage and a range of other treatments.  All are conducted with a specialised accredited massage therapist with health fund rebates available from most of the private health funds. There is also massage and reiki available for your dog, that’s right, your dog. View our day spa page here.

Yes, we do have a doggie park right on site.  Take your pooch and their favourite toy and go hang out in the fully fenced play park, made just for them.  Plenty of room to run off some of the energy that they have and tire them out so that they are perfectly happy to lay by the fire and relax just like you will later in the evening.  Your read correctly!!! They are not just allowed in the play park they are also allowed in the accommodation with you.  Why have pet-friendly accommodation if you are not really pet-friendly, why make them stay outside in a strange place?  The whole reason for bringing them with you was to enjoy their company and let them have a great holiday as well

There are five main gateways to get to Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa and they are

  • The Kuranda Range starting at Smithfield
  • The Rex Range Road just north of Port Douglas
  • The Western gateway via Mt Garnet & Ravenshoe
  • The Gillies Highway beginning at Gordonvale
  • The Palmerston Highway near Innisfail joining the cassowary coast with the Atherton Tablelands

Make sure to pop back to our blog page to keep up to date on what we are up too and what we are offering.  This is a totally unique holiday resort for you and your pet.