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Believe it or not the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland Australia is a great place to head for the upcoming Easter holiday break.  It is also one of the most sort after destinations in Australia, so while you have a break you should take the opportunity to make the most of it.

Hidden away from the rest of the world is a wonderful little boutique accommodation Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa and it is totally pet-friendly, yes you read it correctly, totally pet-friendly.  If you have a dog, cat, turtle, bird what-ever your pet of choice you can bring it to Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa and know that they will be made as welcome as you are. View our pet-friendly page

Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa is also the highest pet-friendly accommodation in Queensland.  Boasting a mere 3300 feet above sea level you can be assured comfort in the naturally air-conditioned climate for the summer and enjoy the very brisk mornings that is not available by the beach at sea level during the winter.  The Easter break is a great time to enjoy the weather up here, there is a mixture of cool and warm.  The days are usually glorious with the cool chill in the evening air.

Enjoy relaxing by the fire with your dog, yes, we said it, ‘dog’ however we know that it is more than just a dog.  It is your fur-kid, your best mate, your friend in arms and any other way you want to put it.  Not just a dog, part of the family, one with the family.  You want to take him/her everywhere with you and finally, there is a great place to do that.  Right here at Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa.  You can treat your pet like royalty and not be frowned upon.

Easter is a great time to get away with your pet for a holiday that includes them.  You have four days to just take in the local sights for some of the days and chill out with them by your side for the rest of the time.  There are plenty of local attractions up here that will accept a dog these days so just ask us where you will be excepted with your pet and we will lead you in the right direction.  With a dog-friendly park and walking tracks on site, another great dog-friendly park not far away in Atherton and dog-friendly park with walking tracks in the nearby town of Ravenshoe you will not be lost for things to keep you occupied.  There will only be a problem if you do not wish to go the beach as that is a little far away once you get to the top of the plateau that is the Atherton Tablelands.  We offer grassy beach, or sometimes a rocky beach, not sandy beach up this way. So, head on up and enjoy what we have to offer up here in this amazing part of Australia.

These are some of the great features that you will find here

  • Great Easter holiday getaway
  • Dog park in all directions even on site
  • Boutique accommodation where you can really discover a different side of Australia
  • A dog park here and a dog park there, here a park, there a park, everywhere a dog park
  • Not a sandy beach but a grassy beach or rocky beach at every waterfall and swimming hole
  • Pet-friendly restaurant on site
  • Massage treatment rooms for you and your pet on site
  • Pet sitting on site
  • Highest pet-friendly accommodation in Queensland
  • A great climate in both summer and winter
  • Many attractions less than a 30-minute drive
  • And the best reason of all Pet-Friendly!

Have a look at our website and book now so that you are not left behind with your pet for the Easter holiday break.