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The Easter holiday break is almost upon us already.  Seems like we just past the one-holiday break and another is on the way.  Time to start planning your trip, especially if you have a pet or pets to consider.  The best thing for your dog, cat or other pet while you are on holiday is to include them in your adventure.

More and more places in Australia are joining the rest of the world and becoming pet-friendly.  However, when you are planning your escape you need to really discover if where you are planning on staying is really pet-friendly or just pet tolerable.  Here at Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa, we are proud to let you know that we are pet-friendly.  We have been catering to our guests and their VIP pets for that past 11 years and so have a bit of an idea of what you need to make a great holiday. View Our Pet-Friendly Page.

You do not need to always head to the beach for your holiday break. You can have a great change and head to where the rain forest meets the savanna and holiday at Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa situated in the southern end of the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia.  Staying here will inspire you to rejuvenate and relax while you spend quality time with your dog, cat or whatever pet takes your fancy.

There is plenty of sight-seeing to do while in the area.  Waterfalls, lakes and the local national park to name a few.  If you are planning on a visit to a national park, we are here to pet sit for you so that you know your pet is safe and sound and not waiting for you in a hot car in the car park. It doesn’t matter that you leave the windows down, a car park is no place for your beloved pet.

We have a pet friendly restaurant on site where you and your dog can dine while enjoying a three-course meal each.  We also have a pet-friendly day spa where your dog can join you while you have an incredibly relaxing massage and your pet can also indulge and enjoy the treat of a massage with Reiki treatment.  On top of all these great treats for your pet, we also have a fully enclosed puppy park for your pooch to have a great time running, playing and the chance of meeting new friends.

If you are deciding to travel out of Australia or where you cannot take your beloved pet for your holiday, we offer pet sitting services on site while you are away.  Just bring your dog to us and we will care, feed, love and play with them for the duration of your holiday.  No need to get someone to just come to your house to feed them or take them to the park for a walk.  Your dog will have the attention that they have while you are at home with them and still get plenty of park play and walking time.  It’s not the beach, it’s better than the beach.  Naturally airconditioned Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland, Australia a magnificent place to holiday.

Now a dozen things that capture the essence of Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa, the friendliest place to holiday with your pet.

  • Great Australia holiday experience
  • An exclusive pet friendly holiday
  • Pet friendly restaurant on site
  • Dog park on site
  • Skip the beach and head to the rainforest
  • Boutique holiday experiences
  • Dog massage & reiki available
  • Walking tracks and manicured park like gardens on sit
  • Pet sitting on site
  • A national park with in a proximity to Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa
  • Dog friendly dam close by for swimming
  • Massage treatment rooms on site to totally unwind for your holiday

Stop searching, you have found the best place in the Atherton Tablelands for you and your pet.  Visit our website to book now before it’s too late